About us

Little Wonders International School is a 20-year-old initiative that seeks to create a purpose for learning and allow children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers. We believe that each person is born with a task to accomplish and that every child has tremendous potential that needs to be explored, sculpted, and molded to make him or her an asset to the human race. At Little Wonders International School, we provide the resources and support necessary for children to reach their full potential and become positive contributors to society.

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Our Story

We believe that toddlers should be engaged in everyday experiences along with academic learning so as to lay a foundation for their future academic skills. Needless to say, infants and toddlers always display a streak of curiosity. Hence the wide range of activities provided in the box will ensure engaged learning along with creating a special bond with your child.


Skill building for school readiness

A personalized system focusing on developing thing, emotional, social, thing and problem solving skills catering to every learning style – auditory, visual, kinesthetic.

Focus on development of a child as a whole

Our program engages kids in core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills.

Make learning Joyful and engaging

Our interactive sessions with video lessons, live lessons, storytelling sessions makes the learning experience joyful.


PIB mission is to provide affordable, high-quality early education at the comfort of your home for working families to ensure every child learns with the parent’s support.


We provide a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate learning material and visuals for children. We strive to appreciate and respect each child’s uniqueness in learning styles and his/her pace in intellectual & physical growth. Our Teachers focus on each child’s individual needs and promote his/her development through providing educational and age-appropriate programs when they have live sessions.

Play Group in a Box

Meet Our Team

Ms. Nilufer Chavan

Ms. Nilufer Chavan

CEO Wisdom High Group of Schools
Ms. Sucheta Kulkarni

Ms. Sucheta Kulkarni

Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Ashwini Takle

Ms. Ashwini Takle

Principal Little Wonders International
Ms. Amruta Joshi

Ms. Amruta Joshi

Academic Head Playgroup