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World-class preschool learning in the comfort of your home for your child age 1.6 yrs to 2.6 years. Early learning helps in building a strong foundation in social, pre-academic and general life skills. Enrol your child today!

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Teach, Play and bond with your toddler to develop early learning skills with the support of pre-recorded sessions of a teacher and material for activities in playgroup in a box

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A personalised system focusing on developing emotional, social, problem solving skills catering to every learning style of auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), kinaesthetic (doing)


Early Reading


Problem Solving


Independent Thinking



Physical Development


Explore Art & Music


Recognition & Reasoning


Social & Emotional Well-being


Memory & Attention building

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Early learning for your toddler Anytime, Anywhere

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    Parents Speak

    I really liked the curriculum of Playgroup in a Box. It is very well-rounded and my child enjoyed the live classes. I also appreciated the guidance from the counsellor, who helped me understand my child’s development.

    Tejaswini Jagtap


    My son loves the playgroup in a box program. It’s so convenient that we can do it anywhere, anytime. And he’s learning so much! The program is very well structured and engaging. I highly recommend it for parents of young children.

    Jaswant Singh


    I was worried about my daughter’s early education as we were not comfortable with conventional schooling. When I heard about Playgroup in a Box, I decided to give it a try. The flexibility to do the classes at any time was a big plus for us. My daughter loved the live classes and the learning material. We also found the counselling from the psychologist very helpful.

    Preeti Shah

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    7 Things In The Early Education Industry We Want You to Know!

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    A deep dive into online pre-school
    A deep dive into online pre-school

    Without education there is no balance in life so even in times when children cannot reach school, the school can reach the children!

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