Why Choose us?

Children as Toddlers are Classroom to explore the world by using their all senses. Children of this age acquire the skills incredibly to help themselves. Our curriculum is designed to support their early experience of learning and being independent in a nurturing in the comfort of their home.


Playschool helps in building a strong foundation in social, pre-academics, and general life skills.

Early learning develops a child’s emotional and personal growth.

Play way provides opportunities for children to learn in ways that sheerly interest them and develop a strong sense of curiosity.

Mother being their first teacher facilitates early learning with a supportive online teacher & material for hands-on experience.

Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Socio-emotional Skills
Environment and Science_

The pedagogical philosophy of Playgroup in a box is inspired by the Multiple Intelligence approach of Howard Gardner, the Montessori Method, the play way method and the Creative Curriculum.