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A Child Psychologist can help your child to understand and express emotions in a healthy, positive way. The way a child feels understands, and expresses their feelings has a direct impact on how they interact with other people.

As a child psychologist, I speak with so many parents who are concerned about their child’s development or behaviour. Most parents aren’t sure what behaviours should raise a red flag for them. —”Should I worry when my child does this” or “Is it weird that my child said that…” I’ve heard it all in nearly a decade of working with families.

I witness how parenting can affect kids. Parents have a whirlwind of things to worry about, but we just can’t worry about everything. As long as we love our children and try our hardest to give them a happy childhood, we are doing the best we can. While there’s no right way to parenting, it’s possible to feel confident that you’re making the best parenting choices for your little ones. I have tried to support frequently asked questions with some answers.

– Naquiyah Attarwala