Playgroup in a Box

Unique Features

Teach, Play and bond with your toddler to develop early learning skills with the support of pre-recorded sessions of a teacher and material for activities in Playgroup in a box.

Skill building for school readiness

A personalised system focusing on developing emotional, social, problem solving skills catering to every learning style of auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), kinaesthetic (doing)


Focus on development of a child as a whole 

Our program engages kids in core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills with hands on experience to explore the environmental science around it.

Make learning joyful and engaging

Our interactive sessions with video lessons, live lessons, and storytelling sessions makes the learning experience joyful.

Unbox Happiness

Enroll with PIB and you will receive

  • Learning Kit with activity material & worksheets for high quality engagement. Topic wise material with instruction sheet, packed for easy access.
  • 40 days plan of Pre-recorded Video sessions every term with the Teacher for learning at your own pace.
  • Counselling session
    a) Individual session with the psychologist every month to cater to your child’s unique learning, social and emotional needs.
    b) Free enrolment to parent forums & webinars
    c) Tips for dealing with common parenting issues
  • Every WEEK-Live online class with the Teacher
    a) Live Story telling sessions with the teacher for your child to spark the creative senses.
    b) Curriculum orientation for parents every week to solve queries and support learning.
  • Every Month-Live one to one parent teacher interaction to enhance learning.
  • Extra Worksheets & resources – downloadable.
  • Virtual tours and shows as bonus sessions.
  • Self-assessments sheets as per developmental stages.
  • Graduation certificate after completion the course.