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What is PIB?

An early learning program to support learning skills of:-

  • Literacy & Language (early reading & recitation)
  • Numeracy (early math concepts to build on logic & reasoning)
  • Environmental science (explore and recognize things in the environment)
  • Social skills (develop emotional behavior & independent working)
  • Finer and Gross motor development (develop fingers, hands, foot, legs, body movement, eye hand coordination) and get your child ready for school.
  • Art, Music & Movement to develop creativity.
  • An early learning program which delivers the playgroup at your doorstep with
    activity materials kit and pre-recorded lessons at the click of the button. It will
    assists in educating, playing and bonding with your child.
  • Early learning home based curriculum for toddlers to learn better and keep your
    child engaged in a fun way.
  • A concept designed for children between the age group of 1.6 year to 2.6 years
    allowing children to experience various skill set activities under parental

What do I get in a PIB learning kit ?

PIB is an annual learning program divided in 4 terms delivered to your doorstep.
In each term you will get –

  • 40 days plan of Pre-recorded teacher led video sessions
  • Live Story telling sessions with the teacher for your child
  • Curriculum orientation for parents every week to solve queries and support
  • Topic wise Learning material for activities
  • Worksheets, art & craft work as extra resources
  • 10 Free – 30 minute counselling sessions with psychologist in 4 terms
  • Free participation of Parents Forum & webinars
  • Self-assessment sheet as per developmental stages
  • Graduation certificate after completion of course

Is a parent required to do this program?

  • Yes a parent is required to initiate the lesson and get the child engaged in
    learning with the recorded sessions on a TV or laptop or mobile phone.
  • There are guided instructions to do the day wise plan which is to be followed
    one after the other, but can be paused and done at your child’s pace and your

How will a parent be guided to follow the program?

  • You will be oriented by an educator after you receive the box and recorded sessions log in.
  • You will be given a discussion slot every week to understand and give feedback about the learnings

Is a parent required every week for the live session for the child ?

  • Any adult can supervise the live session

For what age groups it is available?

  • Playgroup in a box is for children at the age of 1 yr 6 months to 2 years.

How long is the program?

  • The program is 9 month long with 4 terms / 4 boxes / 40 day plan each term

What will my child get after completion of the program?

  • Your child will be awarded a graduation certificate

Do I need to buy all 4 boxes together?

  • You can buy the annual plan or the term plan. If you buy the annual plan you shall get all 4 boxes together and access to all terms at one go. If you buy term wise, you will be delivered access and the box after every 2 months.

Can I access this box anywhere in the world?

  • As this is a web enabled program, you can access this from anywhere in the world. We also deliver the box anywhere in the world.

What are the cancellation & refund policies?

  • If you have bought the annual plan and wish to cancel after a term or two terms, you will need to send the boxes of term plans not used and will get a refund of the 2 terms, provided you have not accessed the terms online.
  • If you have bought only the term plan, you may not order further for the next plan.

We are sure you will not need to return the box.

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